About Me


Painting has been a part of who I am since long before this incarnation. It is embedded in my DNA. I create because my heart and soul aches when I don’t.
My name is Ashley Christine and I have been a painter for as long as I can remember. Paint and color is who I am. I have tried other medium but nothing comes as naturally to me as pushing paint does.
I paint what I know. I am the Shadows of Saturn. I know her, the space cadet among the stars. My art is simply and exploration of myself and all that makes me. There is no bold, political or social statements in my work, just my expressions of my own self development.
Since I was a child my art has and grown and developed. I plan on continuing to experiment and expand my artistic ability- to find what else lies within the Shadows of Saturn
I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Which is where I currently produce my work. I have worked in acrylics my whole life, though recently I have begun to work on oils as well. I plan on continuing most of my future works in oil. Commission's are available in both acrylics and oil; only a limited about per 6 months.

Please feel free to get in contact with me about anything! 
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